Funeral options at Green Undertakings

The law offers more scope and more choice than most people think and funeral directors offer. The law protects and gives certain rights to people who chooses to be buried or cremated without the rites of the Church of England or indeed of any other church.

Green Undertakings are here to assist in offering choices as we appreciate that people are think about funerals in a new light considering an alternative or a new way forward, challenge the current protocol / practice, looking at ways to make the celebration of a loved one personalised and more truthful to their beliefs i.e. non-religious, Green options.

1. You do not have to have a funeral if you do it does not need to be in a licenced building.
2. You can have a funeral at home, in the garden.
3. You are not required to use a clergyman
4. You are not required to use an undertaker
5. By law you’re not required to use a coffin and there are certain crematoria that will now permit cremation on a board with a shroud/suitable bag/covering.
6. Your burial may be on private land, you may be buried under a tree in your garden